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I just launched this website on May 17th of 2009, and I have limited time to work on it due to the other web projects I have always going on, but I promise I will update it as regularly as possible, so that you can get to know me in a more personal level.

You can also find me at many of my other websites, which keep me busy 78” days a week :-) –together with the custom website design I do for my clients.
If you need a new website, blog, or just need to fix something in your site, I would love to be your Web Agent and personally design and build your site -I have the Web Solutions you need. Simply contact me through this website or my commercial website UnikWebDesign.com –and let me know what you need.

Psst: Hurry!  My fast-rising rate is currently $95 per hour, but I’ll give you a discount when you mention coupon code “RECESSION” – but please don’t tell anyone about the discount, so that I don’t end up going out of business! ;-)   You know, I also have some extra expenses to cover, besides using the latest web technology, extensive research, incorporation fees and all that stuff that pays for paving our roads and buy clean socks for Uncle Sam:  In order to keep my creative mind going for about 20 straight hours per day, I need to consume several pounds of Dark Chocolate, Nonni’s® Biscotti, very chocolaty Cappuccinos, DiGiorno® Pizza, and Bolthouse® juices by the liter – to feed my extremely hungry brain cells. ;-)

I was born during a warm afternoon on August 6 of 1974, which makes me not only a Leo, but puts me only a few hours ahead of the actual middle of the cycle of such zodiac sign = “pure Leo”, and makes me about  ”young” …but let’s keep that between you and I because nobody knows it ;) …oh, and under the Chinese Astrology, I am supposedly a “Tiger” …does that mean anything to you?  …PURRRRRfect, because it was “The Gathering of the Felines” perhaps?….

I love to share and contribute, and I put this website up so that I can share my creations and thoughts with the world –finally– because otherwise, they were just being left in the realm of my mind. I am a self-made Entrepreneur, self-taught Artist, Inventor, Thinker, Writer, Poet, Web Designer, Programmer, Motivational Speaker, Amateur Furniture Designer, car enthusiast, outstanding DIY, “Mr. Fix-it” since I was a child, art lover all my life, animal lover, a highly detailed and curious person, …and a hopeless Chocolate addict :-) …yes, so much stuff I can choose to do, so much I want to do, but so little time :( …”time” is my enemy …(at least I NEVER get bored!) … but there is one thing I am a “wannabe” at:  I would like to be a Father – someday.

I have to confess that I am the worse singer you can imagine. Trust me when I tell you that you DO NOT want to hear me singing!  (Unless you want to have the biggest laugh and have Nature disturbed). I mean, I do not even want to hear myself!  If I sing, it starts raining, lightning, the police comes, dogs bark like coyotes, cats hide under cars, the lights shimmer, bulbs can break, and the plumbing may go loose!  :O …That’s one thing I know that I definitely cannot do …So I guess I qualify for tryouts on American Idol’s first episode of a season –that way, I can then get to meet the top clowns!  LOL  (how come they cannot notice it themselves when it is so obvious if you are at an extreme?  Can someone please explain what goes in their mind?)

By looking at my creations –mostly done out of curiosity and inner interest, NOT necessity– you can get a better idea (just a tiny-tiny-bit) of how my mind thinks and views the world, and what “flew” through my mind back then as a child –as a highly distracted and introverted individual– totally in my own world… but now as an adult, an outgoing, quick-witted person, always with something to say –and very alive.
…A strange and rare combination of a creative-artistic-detailed-observative-perfectionist-technical-mechanical-mathematical-spatial-curious mind (something odd is bound to happen once in a blue moon after all); with the urge to create and analyze, to discover and build, to transfer my thoughts into something concrete and palpable, to quench the thirst of my curiosity for what’s abstract, technical, artistic, and creative …to find what is considered nonexistent if it does ever poke my curiosity and lures my interest… to challenge myself, to beat who I was yesterday – over and over again.

Even though I despised writing and reading in school and college, I started writing just recently, out of curiosity (and to kill some of the time that I don’t really have!?!?), but now, years later, I am actually enjoying it!… and in the hopes of that it can inspire someone and share some of my energy –if I can help or inspire at least 1 person in the entire world– that is already something positive. Sharing is wonderful.

What I do for a living:  Hmmm… The last time I heard, I was a Business Owner, Web Designer, Web Developer, Programmer, Graphic Artist, Art Director, Internet Business Consultant, Web Industry Analyst…and a few other things related to the web – but for those extras, I have to check on it to tell you for sure…

I often work up to 110 hours per week out of the total 168 hours that one week has. How do I stand so much of this? …that’s the beauty of doing something you Love!  I have big goals, I love what I do, and I am determined on getting many projects done through the years, in which I bring new websites of interest to internet users, while I have fun. I have no time to loose.

By the way, let me warn you that my sense of humor is a weird mix, which ranges from what is known out there as “cheerful-hearted”, together with “quick-witted”, to “sarcastic”, to “dark comedy”, to “silly”, to a sometimes rather low-end “cheap” comedy –with both good and terrible puns coming out spontaneously throughout the day– yet, I can be totally serious when need be (there’s a time for everything, where “balance” is key!), where I can either laugh at my own jokes, laugh at what is not a joke, take myself too seriously, or just make fun of myself….yeah, I know, I know! Oh well!  …So, with that being said, if you want to ever catch me in a specific “mode” or mood, or sense of humor, or state of mind, here’s the trick:  There is no trick – no way to know!  LOL, as I am totally unpredictable. I mean, I would really tell you when, but I don’t even know myself, when would that be!  But you will catch me in a positive and good mood, 99% of the times, and if not, I separate, so if it is not with you, I will not take anything against you. One thing I can tell you is that it would normally be rather fun time and/or a nice experience – or so I have been told, but don’t ask me because “I only know I know nothing”, so you’ll be the judge ;-)

…OK, so I just told you about 0.0000000001% about myself. Just keep visiting, so that you can keep catching up. You can do it! Never say “never”!

Oh, and Congratulations if you made it this far into reading my entire “selfish” page!
Hey! I just follow the “standards” of what an “About” page is all about (no pun intended) –and just express myself with Honesty– how I rather be treated with. Feel free to send me a link to yours, and I’ll read it –I enjoy meeting new personalities. …And Thank You! …Oh wait, did you just simply scroll down to the end of this page, and read just this part? …Well, Thank you anyways! (careful! I’m watching you! LOL :-) )

Share, Contribute, Help Out, Give a Hand, Speak Up!…

…Respect, be Fair, be Honest, be Considerate, be Real, be Yourself – not another!…

…Live with Love, Love Life back!

…Much Love,

~ Gustavo (A.K.A. “Gus MacGyver”) ~

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