• facebook eating myspace’s candies on 2009

    ^facebook.com V.S. myspace.com at Compete.com Traffic Data (04/2008 – 04/2009)

    Even though this has already been coming along in progress for a while, some public traffic data (estimates) show how facebook.com has been catching up with myspace.com in the last year. But specifically on May of 2009, some interesting numbers have resulted for the last 12 months of data:

    The results for April 2008 to April 2009 for what is known as “Unique Visitors” (including an image from Compete.com), show how facebook.com has gone from about half the traffic of myspace.com – to nearly double the traffic – in the last 12 months!

    Those of you who have used Compete.com and know that the data is estimated very different to what is gathered directly from a server, you should already know that numbers in Compete.com are significatly lower than the actual traffic – and not so accurate (real numbers can expected to be 3.5 to 4 times higher than what shows in compete.com, but still can vary up or down from that).

    However, for the purpose of this comparison, we are “comparing apples to apples”, since we are using the same system to compare websites – so keep in mind that the ratios of the data would then be relative.

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    1. Facebook is way better in many aspects, functionality, reliability, usability, if myspace didnt see this happening then they need a board of directors… instead of spending so much time in apps and games like “mafia” what a waste of time, i didnt even look into it. it should have been spending its time on fixing bug issues and simplyfying it, im not gonna say they didnt try, they actualy pretty much copied many features off of facebook, but htey didnt try hard enough. too bad so sad, i use to like myspace. now i love facebook. it is what it is. i dont even go on myspace anymore. not interested.

    2. Tony
      Jun 14th

      That is how nature is. The weaker die eventually, and the strongest survive! That’s especially true for animals and the ecological system. It “must” happen.

    3. josh
      Jul 24th

      Yeah well, they say “nothing lasts forever”! I’m sure the day will come for facebook too! But suure will be good for a while.

      • marky
        Jun 14th

        Definitely facebook will fall one day, and another will run over it even if it is simpler in some way. I mean, people just get tired of the same after a while.

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