• I have to admit that twitter.com is a great concept, but with 25 people in their staff (at the time of the writing of this post) and diverse areas of talent, there are no excuses for still not having fixed the bug for weeks for the Profile Picture Upload feature and the profile Design Settings.

    I have created 3 accounts for different sides of the business, and have had issues every time.

    With 3 different browsers that I have tried:  Firefox = ERROR!, Google Chrome = ERROR!, and even with the sucky Internet Explorer = ERROOOOORRRR!

    It is very upsetting that after I have carefully selected my colors for the Design Settings to customize my twitter page – and even uploaded an image, after clicking on the “save settings” button, it reports  an ERROR saying:

    “There was a problem saving your profile customization.”

    …and the same goes for the profile Picture upload feature. I choose an image of only 5KB and after uploading it, it reports an error, and it even dares to have a generic message come up saying:

    “There was a problem with your picture. Probably too big.”

    …5k too big???

    When they even state their upload size limits (way over the tested 5k!!!):

    “Maximum size of 700k. JPG, GIF, PNG.”

    …And by the way, it happened with all accepted formats (JPG, GIF, PNG.) – tested repeatedly and with the major browsers repeatedly too, but all having the same outcome!

    So after trying for my new account at twitter, and getting error after error, I had to just leave my profile / page like it comes when you sign up and just keep waiting for them to fix it, so I will try later but the colors in it are totally not what I was looking for. I had all the colors to match this blog but “no dice” with them.

    They know about these issues, and they have posted about it in their help section and FAQ section. But a few weeks down the road – nothing gets fixed. I understand if it is a website that is being run by 1 guy = then you have all excuses in the world to even never fix bugs, but 25 people in a staff?  I don’t think there are any excuses, unless…

    Are the 25+ employees working out of the cafeteria?

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