• Coming Soon – My Amateur Art from the 1980′s and 1990′s – First time ever shown!

    People ask me all the time, to show them my art, to make them a “piece”, what I did as I grew up, what my passions were as a child, etc.

    To say it in 10,000 words, it would still be making a long story short, so I will let the images of some of my Amateur art to speak – in silence, as they will say more words themselves than what can be written. Some words, and stories that my art tells, might be completed in your own mind.

    For the first time ever, I will be publishing online, images from my Amateur work from the 1990′s (most of them created between the age of 15 to 23).

    By looking at such creations, you can get a better idea (just a tiny-bit) of how my mind thinks and views the world, and what “flew” through my mind back then – as a highly distracted and introverted individual – totally in my own world. …A strange and rare combination of a creative-artistic-detailed-technical-mechanical-mathematical-spatial-curious mind, with the urge to discover and build, to transfer thoughts into something concrete and palpable, to take what I could only see with my mind – and “bring it to life”.

    What is more special to me about these paintings and drawings from such era, is not necessarily their technique or style, or the variety between one and another, neither it is the fact that I did this without taking any classes about any techniques on how to paint – but it is that I did all of it on my free time because I wanted to – nobody asked me to do it, nobody made me do it – yet, nobody could stop me from doing it. I had this curiosity and urge to do it, and all I needed was a few simple materials, one brush or regular pencil, one piece of paper or canvas or even cardboard, and a little corner of where to sit down and do it -but more importantly, passion.

    Expect the first batch of images here – anytime. I am currently scanning paintings, drawings, and working on the cropping, resizing, and optimization of the images for web use (for faster downloads and proper size) – so stay tuned!

    What will be included:

    Oil paintings, acrylic paintings, oil pastels, dry pastels, charcoal drawings, sketches, technical drawings, home plans (Amateur), Lighting and Furniture Designs, inventions…

    Update: Art uploaded:

    All art (paintings and drawings mixed)

    Paintings only

    Drawings and Sketches only

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