• …It covers areas throughout the entire Universe, and It has the ability or potential to reach every corner of the Universe at any time, in any amounts, although such events are normally not known in advance.

    Yet, it does not take away from anything, nor does it occupies any space – or at least, it is thought as being that way.

    It’s name has been repeated trillions of times – if not more!  Every fraction of a second It is being referred to.

    In fact, It has been called by It’s name so many times, that we don’t even think of it consciously, unless we feel like including It in our miseries.

    We use It all the time, but we don’t consider It to have much value, technically – none!

    To the point of that we have come to make It nothing and consider It nothing – not giving It any recognition.

    And we do that so much, that while It’s often around us at any given time, we cannot see It, we mention It often – but most often, it is our unconsciousness the one that thinks of It.

    However, sometimes, It is all we have in our minds.

    Where is It at?  It is everywhere but nowhere to be found.

    It must exist, and It does, as It has a very important role in the Universe, but It’s really never there or anywhere else.

    Calling It Everything is very inaccurate;

    Calling It Something is totally an opposition;

    Calling It Huge is an understatement because It’s even larger than that;

    Yet calling It Small is pretty close.

    We may come to believe that giving It no name, should be understood by It – because of It’s nature;

    But just calling It nothing as in giving it no name – is an insult,

    As for It’s name by what we know it as, is “Nothing”.

    - Gustavo R. Olmedo – 05/16/2009


    *Note:  This is an “Amateur” work, written rather quickly and spontaneous about a subject I just thought of. I never read books, poems, or do anything like this in my profession, and I always avoided in school and college – anything having to do with poetry, literature, articles, etc. And I do not ever write my thoughts on paper or computer files. But today, I decided to do something else different in my life – once again, like I have been doing especially in the last couple of years, which has turned out much better for me. So for the first time ever, I decided to not only write, but to also publish it online. Where did I learn to write? That is the question of the 20,000 Pennies! …And by the way, I am a College Dropout, self-made Entrepreneur and Artist, self-made Programmer and Web Designer, and self-made pretty-much everything else – so if that serves you as inspiration, I’m glad it can help :-) …So keep all of this in mind before judging a “newbie”!

    …In looking to write about Something, I came up with something about Nothing!

    I hope you enjoy it. At least if 1 person does – that already means “Something” ;-)

    Much Love,

    ~ Gustavo R. Olmedo ~ 05/16/2009

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