• ***** Pro-cras-ti-na-tion *****

    “The Procrastination Page” - Coming Soon Sometime!  :)
    …still in the making, forever in the making!…

    On this page, you can find some of my original funny quotes and remarks about procrastination.

    Note:  I am not finished with this page yet. I will continue working on it, OK? :)


    …”The Pro-cras-ti-NATION”:  isn’t that where we live in?:  “The U.S.A.”!!!

    …Oh! cool page!  I’ll be back sometime to read it…

    “If we do it today, then, we can no longer be “dreamers”.” :(   — Gustavo R. Olmedo

    …”Procrastination” or “Procrastinever”???

    …I am not exactly “a procrastinator” – my son and daughter are. I am the “Father of the Procrastinators”.

    …I should, I may, I would, I could…

    …I like this page!  I’ll bookmark it tomorrow, if I can ever find it again!

    …Bookmark this page tomorrow, so that you can find it next year.

    …Here’s why we keep procrastinating every year:  We had once said that for the next New Year’s Resolution, we would promise ourselves – as a Resolution, to never procrastinate again; but then, on New Year’s Eve, we never did such Resolution in the first place!

    …After all these years, a friend finally gave me as a gift – a book on how to overcome procrastination. Nice!  I said:  “Finally I can get out of this!  I will definitely read it.”  That was 3 years ago. I still have not opened the book. …I think I know how the cover looks like, though!

    The real story, through History: Originally, the Language Bureau, upon creating new words in the early 1,600′s in America – while extending the vocabulary of the English Language, the actual word was going to be “Procrastinationalitize” as a verb, and “Procrastinationalization” as a noun – but they never finished the rest of the characters of the word!

    …Stop telling me!  OK, OK, I’ll admit to be a procrastinator some day. Let me think about it…

    …I leave for tomorrow what I have to do for today. Of course, I know that tomorrow I no longer have to do it, because as a time-sensitive work, tomorrow is then useless. Ha ha, I always find a way out of everything! :P

    …I have been 34 years “in the making”, but I still don’t know when I will be “finished”. I guess somewhere in my 80′s or 90′s like most other humans?

    …Procrastination itself, was never meant to happen in the first place.

    …I can talk about procrastination, because I finally came out of it. I no longer procrastinate! …what took so long?  …Anyways, this is good news, so I have been wanting to tell you, but hadn’t found a way to say it!

    …List of Things To Do: _____________________________________.

    …At least start by repeating the work to yourself!  Pro-cras-ti… YAWN!!! …ZZZ…

    …”Procrastination “pays off”!  Way-off what anyone would wish for!” — GRO

    …”Procrastination “pays off” very well!  “Misery” is it’s Currency.” — GRO

    …What does “procrastination” means?  I heard of that word before, but never bothered to ask or look up it’s definition.

    My schedule for next week:  Write something!
    Monday: “Pro”…
    Tuesday: …”cras”…
    Wednesday: …”ti”…
    Thursday: …”na”…
    Friday: “Ufffff!!!  Almost there, beer today!  Let’s celebrate!
    Saturday: “Hangover”
    Sunday: “Ah!  What the heck!  Forget this!”

    …Alright “This is It – Now or Never”:
    Things To Do this coming week:”
    Monday: “Finally do what still have not done yet”
    Tuesday: …”do what I was supposed to do yesterday, oh crap!”…
    Wednesday: …”do what I was supposed to do on Monday”…
    Thursday: …”do what I was supposed to do on Monday”…
    Friday: “rest because it’s been a busy week”…
    Saturday: “do what I was supposed to do on Monday”
    Sunday: “Carry on!”

    Look, you know what?  Just do a tiny bit today – of whatever the task is, so then, since you actually started it – then, you can say:  “Procrastinator”???  NO! No No!  I am a “Perfectionist” – “I am still in the process of improving it!”

    “L                                                                                               .”

    …I started writing an essay 2 years ago but still have not finished it.  It is about “How to Overcome Procrastination”.

    …Analysis: (by a PRO)
    Crastinator” = good
    PROcrastrinator” = best

    …I have not tried eating the candy brand “Now and Later” because I don’t like the first word in it. That’s too much pressure for me.

    …maybe on second thought, or on third thought – but not on the first one.

    …Not a good sign:  The word “procrastination” is lately getting a nickname / shorthand:  “procky”

    …One of my Original Quotation related to procrastination:  ”We make more excuses to ourselves, than to all the people we know combined.”

    …Oh, and you know what?  Since we are in the subject, here’s what I think: …Actually…you know what?  I’ll just tell you tomorrow…

    OK, in conclusion, these are all My Own Original Procrastination Quotes, remarks, and “funny” statements, so DO NOT STEAL THEM TO THEN PUT THEM AS YOUR OWN! …or I may have to kick your butt some day!  :)

    Oh, and MORE of these type of jokes and remarks about procrastination – but from other people:  (it’s kind of cool – the link is right below, so just click it some time!)


    PSST: Feel free to post HERE ON THIS PAGE (below) your own Procrastination joke, comment, or other procrastination quote down here – or a comment related to this page! …or your experiences in Life as a procratinator, or when you have procrastinated at least some time in your life!  :)   …you want to do it but maybe too lazy to commennt now?  Ha!  At least this time, don’t leave it for later – DO IT TODAY – AS IN RIGHT NOW!  Break the habit!  Speak Up!  Share!  ;-)

    …does it have to be now?

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    1. Michelle
      Jun 14th

      Ha ha ha, I like this page. thanks a lot. …and I did bookmarked it TODAY! Yay! :)

    2. marina
      Jun 15th

      LOL thank you for this page!

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