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    UnikWebDesign.com [ http://www.UnikWebDesign.com ] :: by Gustavo Olmedo

    2008 Concept (version 1.x) for Homepage of UnikWebDesign.com by Gustavo Olmedo [some sections were not implemented yet, maybe a different one comes out instead, but this has been postponed due to too much demand for the web services lately + the new Web design site coming out: KLEEN Web Design, so UnikWebDesign.com will actually become eventually, a large web design resources site + blog and community of web designers, graphic designers, and programmers, giving out free tips, etc.]

    Homepage Concept on Version 1.6

    Homepage Concept on Version 1.3

    Flash Website Examples section on Version 1.3

    *UnikWebDesign.com 2009  Version 2.0 coming soon!

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